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Mohamed KCHAOU

University of Bisha

Saudi Arabia


Mohamed KCHAOU is a Senior Professor at the University of Bisha (Saudi Arabia) and University of Sfax (Tunisia). He leads a research group of several assistant professors, researchers, and Ph.D. and master students. Prof. KCHAOU published over 75 indexed articles in well impacted journals, more than 80 conference papers in the areas of Materials (green, bio, eco, etc.), Engineering Systems, 3D printing, Wastewater treatment, Industry 4.0, and Removable Energy, and 2 books on relation to the materials sciences and technology, and tribology. He was managed many national and international projects and organized several scientific events in Tunisia, China, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Thailand, France, USA, Canada, and UK. He was invited by well-known laboratories and institutions from France, Belgium, Turkey, Malaysia, Spain, Morocco, China, and India Since 2012. 

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